1дин автомагнитолы с выдвежным навигатор на алиэкспресс

1дин автомагнитолы с выдвежным навигатор - цена на алиэкспресс

Варианты доставки в Российскую Федерацию
  • Seller's Shipping Method - RU 5-15 дн.
  • Seller's Shipping Method 35-58 дн.
  • EMS 14-26 дн.
  • DHL 7-15 дн.
  • Russia Express-SPSR 7-15 дн.
  • J-NET 23-41 дн.
  • China Post Air Parcel 27-49 дн.
  • AliExpress Standard Shipping 25-41 дн.
  • China Post Registered Air Mail 26-48 дн.
  • ePacket 14-23 дн.
  • PostNL 23-35 дн.
  • POS Malaysia 32-53 дн.
  • AliExpress Premium Shipping 15-22 дн.

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1дин автомагнитолы с выдвежным навигатор: найдено 7 142 товара

$309.98 $167.39
$212.47 $165.73
$369.99 $332.99
$106.04 $89.07
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Отзывы покупателей 1дин автомагнитолы с выдвежным навигатор

  1. Покупатель Aliexpress

    I purchased this radio and love the features that it has for the money. It has features that very expensive models have. I did have a problem with the touch screen going blank. However ESWIN was great to work with. Very responsive and they replaced it without hassle. I email them a couple of times with questions and they would answer my questions and make sure I understood.

  2. C****s C.

    Friendly user interface ,loud clear sound, bluetooth connects consistently and quickly. Definitely a buy at this price.

  3. Покупатель Aliexpress

    Envió rápido! Bastante fácil de instalar.

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