3d части принтера на алиэкспресс

3d части принтера - цена на алиэкспресс

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Отзывы покупателей 3d части принтера

  1. N***n B.

    this is my first printer, amazing take a few minute to assembly. very easy.. the result was amazing.. pay more bucks but its worth have full support after sales. dont worry

    • Дополнено N***n B.28.05.2017 в 21:58

      Iam satisfied with result from this 3d printer. Find the best slicer for this printer and get the best result

  2. P***r F.

    Very Nice and professional contact with the seller, my order was quickly sent it as promised with my instructions, I have to pay tax. lucky it was not so bed, printer works, But pleas advise check all cable connections and any looses before You will turn on the 3D printer, I had a lot of problems with calibrate a heating bed, but now it works. THANKS !!!

  3. K***m L.

    Very quick shipment but I hate DHL always problems, DHL people are very useful and friendly but still missing a lot in the service compared to FEDEX. The seller is great and the machine is recommended, in less than two hours I get the printer ready and my first test, the owls :)

  4. Покупатель Aliexpress

    Great Printer. After 10 minuts I printed the first object (owl_pair.gcode). No problems with the connectors. Really simple to use! Maybe is it possible to improve the filament's sensor. Thanks

    • Дополнено Покупателем Aliexpress28.05.2017 в 21:58

      for me it is really a good printer!

  5. A**l E.

    I was looking for a budget full metal frame 3D printer, got this one and I am completely satisfied with my order. The item was delivered to Singapore via 4px in 6 days after ordering. The printer was packaged carefully with proper protection, there was no damage caused by shipping. I had a few minor issues but fixed myself: - X belt was loose and caused layers shifted during my first print. I fixed by tightening the belt and I succeeded with my 2nd print. - During calibration I realized that right Z rod was creating noise when moving the extruder up and down. I oiled all rods and it solved the noise problem. (Cleaned all rods, used WD-40 white lithium grease for threaded rods, Singer oil for smooth rods) After dealing with above, rest was perfect. I tried both PLA and ABS, results are great. This is my first printer. I did some research before ordering; I saw that all other options around 200 USD were with acrylic frame. Just pay a little more and get this one, you won't regret!

  6. Покупатель Aliexpress

    Excellent Printer, and very well packaged. Apart from a couple of screws were loose, everything was in place and 10 minutes later the printer is ready to print.

    • Дополнено Покупателем Aliexpress28.05.2017 в 21:58

      After few days of using and testing this printer, I can say that the output is great. I used PLA, ABS and wood and all printed with a great result. I noticed that the fan on the right of the extruder is noisy and has a whistle sound.

  7. D******o P.

    È la mia prima stampante 3d, in 30 minuti l'ho montata è settata, ho stampato un cubo di calibrazione ed il risultato è ottimo.. Se vuoi stampare in 3d bene e con pochi soldi, allora compra la Anycubic i3 Mega.. grandiosa.. grazie a tutti. E speriamo che continui a funzionare egregiamente..

  8. Покупатель Aliexpress

    Imprimante 3D au TOP ! 10 Min pour la monter et c'est parti.

  9. V******r K.

    Быстро удобно, без заморочек. Качество печати хорошее, но из-за того что податчик пластика отдален от экструдера, не всегда нормально проталкивается пластик из-за чего детали могут быть пористыми. Скорость печати самая быстрая из бюджетных моделей.

  10. A***t Z.

    отличный принтер, из москвы в казань пришёл за 3 дня

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